PreSchool Level

Dancers Ages 2-5

Basics Description 
CDA’s Basics (and Extras) programs are designed for Preschool students ages 2 - 5. Basics incorporates a foundation of ballet technique for 20 minutes of the hour building large motor skills as well as stimulating the brain’s coordination. Basics classes also include 20 minutes of tap, where rhythms and smaller motor skills are emphasized. The final 20 minutes of class teaches the beginner levels of AcroFlex giving these dancers the strength, flexibility, and balance to become exceptional.

Extras Description
Our NEW - Extras class is an extension to the Basics program and offers a combination of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Stretch & Strengthening for older Preschool dancers who must also be enrolled in Basics 3.


Within the PreSchool Level we have several class options available.

Basics 1

Ballet - Tap - Acro

Ages 2-3, This is the easiest curriculum that covers the most beginner steps covered in BASICS. 

Basics 2

Ballet - Tap - Acro

Ages 3-4, This class is best for second years (or 4 year olds). It recaps the second semester curriculum of 1 and then begins the first semester curriculum of 3.

Basics 3

Ballet - Tap - Acro

Ages 4-5, This class is best for third years (or 5 year olds). It recaps the second semester curriculum of 2 and then begins a brand new curriculum to prepare dancers for the MINI level.


Hip Hop - Jazz - Stretch

Ages 4-5, curriculum covers a good foundation for jazz and hip hop technique along with stretching. Super fun intro to all the classes available when they level up.





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