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Email DANCECDA.INFO@GMAIL.COM with any questions about pricing or classes.

Classes are available to dancers ages 2-18. 

Summer Dance starts in June!

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About Our Classes

Summer Registration: March 1st
Fall/Spring Registration: May 1st

At Courtney’s Dance Artistry, classes are designed to stimulate the enjoyment of dance while laying an important foundation for further training. As the dancer advances, the variety and intensity of the class work increases. Some dancers may choose to join CDA’s Elite Competition Team and compete their dances, which leads to the possibility of college scholarships and professional careers in dance; while others may participate in dance for the exercise and pure enjoyment of the art form; also eligible for advanced Elite class placement.


Classes We Offer



Ages 2-18

Ballet is the basis for all dance forms. It teaches the strong foundation and terminology that is needed by all dancers. It is danced to classical music. Our curriculum is based on the Vagonova technique and training method.
*Dancers may advance to PrePointe & Pointe as their technique progresses.



Ages 2-18

Tap dance his a type of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Tap can be performed in different styles also: classical, rhythmic, musical theater, urban, etc.



Ages 2-18

AcroFlex covers flexibility strength balancing limbering and tumbling. This lesson plan will make your dancer stronger in all styles as it uses dance technique to train students for clean acrobatic tricks performed on stage without a mat.



Ages 3-18

Jazz has its own movement vocabulary ranging rom the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms. Jazz is a sassy, funky form of dance and uses more upbeat or strong music.


Hip Hop

Ages 3-18

Hip Hop is the style of dance often seen in most music videos. In this class, students develop isolated control of their body and strength. The curriculum consists of grooves, b-boy, and breakdancing.



Ages 6-18

Contemporary uses a greater range of body movements by the use of energy, breath, phrasing, fall and rebound, contractions and release. This style is wonderful for finding a dancers center placement, strength, and expression.

Courtney's Dance Artistry

Hours of Operation

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