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The recreational dancer’s progression begins in Basics and ascends according to age level without Elite placement or participation in competitions. The competitive dancer’s progression recommended is to ascend through the Basics classes, auditioning for the Elite Mini team at age 5 and moving through age levels with advanced placement. Unlike grade levels in school, students do not necessarily move to the next level each year. We have a great deal of curriculum to cover in each level and we want to make sure that the student is comfortable, strong, confident and technically correct before moving up. Some students may take a Level for a couple of years, others may move through a Level in less time. The determination is made on an individual basis through an audition process. Each student progresses at his or her own pace. Students advance to more challenging levels as they safely master the requisite skills and techniques, not specific combinations. Please be patient and encouraging with your child. Dance is an art form and cannot be rushed.


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