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Elite Placement

Higher Level Classes & Competitions

CDA’s Elite program allows dancers to use their passion to fine tune their dancing and progress through more challenging classes and educational experiences. To become Elite level, dancers must audition and are then required to attend summer dance sessions, as well as enroll in specific classes in addition to their assigned competition genre and rehearsals during the regular season. Requirements are specific to each dancer’s level. Participation in CDA’s ELITE can create exceptional dancers who dance in an exceptional dance world!

More Information


Placement Auditions


Why Elite Placement?


Competition Team

Every June

Dancers must first audition for advanced Elite placement in classes and, if interested, may be selected to join the Elite Competition Team and/or asked to be an Understudy.


Advanced Elite placement provides an opportunity for dancers who are not quite ready for the competition experience, but wish to excel and enter a more challenging environment by advancing to the next class level at a faster pace.

1st Year is Optional

Elite Competition dancers will be selected to dance in groups, trios, duos, and possibly as a soloist to compete at various competitions throughout the southeast. Parents will have the opportunity to limit the number of dances in which their dancer can participate.

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