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Would your dancer like to audition?

I feel confident your dancer will excel in CDA’s Elite program and look forward to talking with you at the Parent Meeting!  Please fill out the form below to sign up for auditions or let us know if you are no longer interested.  Attending Auditions is not a commitment to join Elite.  Once your dancer has participated in auditions we will be able to put together a pricing packet for you to review at our parent meeting.  After this meeting, you will be able to make an informed decision with your family before becoming an Elite Dancer and Elite Mom/Dad!

Thanks for submitting!


Dancers interested in CDA's Elite must...

✔️ LOVE to dance and have a work ethic that reflects that love!
✔️ Be at least age 5 by January 1, before competition season begins in Spring.
✔️ Have a minimum 1 year of dance at CDA or previous dance competition experience.
✔️ Attend a CDA Summer Dance Camp and Elite Intensive.
✔️ Be enrolled in Ballet and Technique Classes in the Fall
✔️ Enroll in class (or classes) corresponding with competition dance(s). (ex. If competing in a Jazz group, a dancer must also take Jazz class, etc.)  CDA will enroll all Elite dancers in their appropriate classes/level.

✔️ New competition dancers (ages 5-8) may expect to only compete in 1 group dance in their first season.
✔️ Placement Auditions are held in order to see how dancers look and perform as a group so that they can be selected/placed in competition dances that are best suited for them.  These auditions will take place in late May.
✔️ Choreography sessions are held at CDA in August.
✔️ All competition dancers attend 1 convention of CDA's choosing, typically in Fall or Winter.
✔️ Elite dancers participate in 3 Regional competitions, typically in March & April.
✔️ There will be extra Saturday rehearsals during competition season.
✔️ Elite dancers have specific attire and additional costumes.


Summer Dance

All Elite dancers must participate in CDA’s Dance Camp in July (both Session 1 and Session 2) in the level that corresponds with the above assignments.  If you have already registered in a different level, no worries, we will make the changes for you.   If you have a conflict and your dancer is unable to participate in one or both camp sessions, she will need to sign up for private summer lessons.  These lessons will take place in July and/or August.  Each private lesson will consist of 4 consecutive days for 30 minutes each day in the genre that is specific to the dancer’s needs (TBD).  If a dancer must miss both camp sessions, she will need to sign up for 2 private sessions of 4 days each.  Please email us for more details and the cost for a private summer session if needed.  If you have any previously scheduled vacation dates for July and August, please include those in your email.

Junior Secret Order July 26th - 30th​

Session 1: Ballet, Contemporary, & AcroFlex from 10:00am-1:00pm​

Session 2: Jazz, Tap, & Hip Hop from 1:30pm-4:30pm

  • Total Tuition for one $100

  • Total Tuition for both $175


Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Classes

Required Classes: Ballet, Technique, PrePointe & Rehearsal. Any class that matches their competition dance style will become required.

Optional Classes: Jazz, Contemporary, AcroFlex, Hip Hop, & Tap.

A dancer's flexibility and technique must continuously improve and remain up to CDA standards. This will only help the dancer achieve her goals throughout the year. Elite dancers are expected to attend specific classes toward this end, as well as continue to stretch at home daily.


Competition Season

Our competition season events run from January through May. We do rehearse weekly throughout the dance year.

The following dates reflect the 2021 competition season. In 2022, these may slightly change, but are all usually around the same weekends.

Important Elite Dates:​

Mobile Convention - October

Mock Competition - February 12

Saturday Rehearsal at CDA - March 6

Birmingham Competition - March 12 to 14

Saturday Rehearsal at CDA - April 3

Birmingham Competition - April 9 to 11

Saturday Rehearsal at CDA - April 17

Birmingham Competition - April 23 to 25

Nationals Prep at CDA - June 14 to 25 

Florida Nationals - June 26 to July 2

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