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Show Week

JB Pennington Auditorium

Female Dancer
Ballet Dancers

Staging Sessions

Monday, May 17

4:30pm Basics 2 (Thurs)

5:15pm Basics 1 (Wed & Thurs)

6:00pm Basics 3 & Extras (Mon)

Tuesday, May 18

4:00pm-7:00pm Mini Level

Wednesday, May 19

4:00pm-7:00pm Petite/Junior Level

Thursday, May 20

4:00pm-7:00pm Teen/Senior Level

Staging sessions are important for all dancers and especially VITAL for young beginners. It allows them to get a good feel of the stage and facility and also work out any pre-show jitters.  All dancers will wear their regular CDA class dancewear for this part of the rehearsal. Upon arrival, you may sit in the audience as a group and wait to be called to the stage. We will run all dances through a couple of times on stage, checking placement, sound, lighting, etc. “Thank you for your patience.”

Dress Rehearsal

Friday, May 21

Matinee 2:00pm


Evening 6:00pm


Dress Rehearsal is for all dancers and will take place the day before the Show. Everyone must wear their costumes, t-shirts, hair, and makeup just like it is the real showcase. This is the time when everyone backstage or in the sound box will work out any kinks. Arrive no later than 30 minutes before showtime.
There will be specifically assigned dressing rooms and backstage managers to help get the dancers from the dressing rooms to the backstage waiting area when appropriate and also place them on stage for their dance. Please remain in the dressing room with your dancer until they are assembled by the manager to go backstage. At that time you may go to the audience and sit in the first two reserved rows to watch, then meet your dancer back in the dressing room right after her performance. 
Whomever assists dancers backstage in the dress rehearsal must do the same during the showcase. Please do not leave your dancer unattended in the dressing room.



Saturday, May 22

Matinee 2:00pm


Evening 6:00pm


We’ve got this down! Lets get the show on the road and don't be late! All dancers arrive no later than 30 minutes before their Dance Showcase. Dancers will do a short warm up on stage 30 minutes prior to show time dressed in their first costume with T-shirt over.


All tickets will be sold by dancers. A link to request your tickets will be sent to everyone and linked above. Each account will receive 2 free tickets.

Any children small enough to sit in a family member’s lap comfortably during the entire show will not be required to purchase a ticket.

Seats will be assigned as orders are received. NO REFUNDS.

Tickets can be picked up at the studio after you receive notification that they are ready. If tickets are purchased the week before the show, they will be picked up at your dancer’s show check-in.

Spring Newsletter

Our Annual Showcase


Most of the costumes will be given out February 16th, 17th, 18th, and 22nd. A few showcase costumes will not be shipped until March. I will pass those out as soon as possible, before pictures on March 27th.

 Every costume will have an information card on the garment bag. This card will tell you everything you need to know to get ready for that dance. Please reference this card before getting ready for pictures and show. If you have any questions about the instructions on the card, you can ask me on Band. Accessories/tights will be placed in the back zipper pocket  after the dancers try on their costume. Please be sure to check your dancer’s garment bag by referencing the information card before leaving the dance studio. Please do not lose any pieces. Keep your costumes in a safe place.


Class & Individual Pictures

Pictures are scheduled for February 27th and March 27th at CDA.

These pictures will be taken by a professional photographer and are optional for all dancers. Dancers will be taking individual pictures only, and I will be there to help pose them. If you and your dancer would like to choose your own poses please have those prepared beforehand. We will not be doing any indoor showcase group photos, because of covid restrictions.   If you do not wish to have your dancer’s picture made at CDA, please let me know.
Dancers will take pictures in each of their costumes and get a total of 8 poses for $80. For example, if your dancer has 2 costumes she will do 4 different poses in each costume. If you wish to take more in one costume than the other please let me know when you come for pictures. Upon receiving your edited photos, please download them to a computer for full resolution. Smart phones and tablets download a lower resolution and screenshots are even worse. Please download yours to a desktop or laptop.
Each class will receive their costumes in February. You are welcome to come to class and help your dancer try it on and keep it organized. All costumes come in a hanging bag with an information sheet in the front pocket. On the sheet, we will put all the information you need to know while getting ready for pictures AND showcase.   Please let me know if you need a new eye shadow press-on.

Program Book

Whole Page:  $45  (+ 1 Program Book)
Half Page:  $30  (+ 1 Program Book)

We will be selling programs at the showcase for anyone who would like to commemorate their dancers big day! It will contain the show order, studio information, each class's group picture with dancer names, and individual ads for each dancer that purchased one. 

Below is a link to order program ads online if you would like to purchase an ad with your dancer’s photo(s). There will be 2 ad sizes, whole page and half page. A whole page can hold 1-4 photos and a short message. A half page can hold 1-2 photos and a short message. If you plan on having a longer message or business logo you may want to count that as a photo for space. You will need to upload the edited photos you have chosen for your ad when you fill out the form. Each ad receives one program book free.

Click Here To Order


Dance Interviews

Our interviews will be filmed March 15th, 16th, 17th, & 18th.

During the month of March, one of your dancer’s classes will be used to film interviews in the studio. Interviews cannot be re-filmed or made up. I will choose the best clips to produce the most entertaining showcase introductions for our dancers. In the past, everyone has loved this aspect of the show. If you would like to see what these are all about feel free to check it out on CDA's YouTube channel. I will coach all the dancers through their interviews. It is a good learning experience for them and so much fun. 

I will split each Preschool class into two groups. One group will come to the first half of class time, and the other will come the last half. This helps the little ones from getting super bored because I must have the studio completely free from background noise.

Please have your dancer looking nice and presentable for filming. Wear your CDA classwear with hair pulled back smoothly.

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