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Winter Newsletter

Nutcracker Parade Float

Christmas Parade December 3rd - Downtown Cullman

All CDA Dancers are welcome to join us in the parade on Friday, December 3rd.  The parade time is 5pm; we will meet at 3pm to decorate the float at a location TBD.  Our theme is A Nutcracker Story.  Main Characters will wear their costume and all other dancers should wear their long sleeve Nutcracker shirt with Christmas theme PJ pants.  Light up accessories are strongly encouraged! Parents please wear Christmas theme attire.  Most of us will be walking, so if you need to pull your dancer in a wagon, please be sure is is decorated with holiday lights.


Dress Rehearsal

Full Hair, Makeup, & Costume

December 16th

begins at 6:00pm

Nutcracker Rehearsals

December 13th-16th


A Nutcracker Story

Dec 17th at 6:30pm
Dec 18th at 1:30pm
JB Pennington HS

Nutcracker Rehearsal Week

Mandatory Rehearsal week at the studio (CDA): 
Monday-Wednesday, Dec. 13th, 14th, 15th

We will NOT have regular classes at CDA this week.  If you have opted out of the Nutcracker Performance it is not necessary for you to attend these rehearsals.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you back in January!

For the following Rehearsals . . . Wear the white leotard and pink tights.  This is when we will pass out all the things for Nutcracker. (besides the t-shirt) Hair in Bun.  Dancers only have to be there for their designated rehearsal time! It is important to ARRIVE EARLY and be ready to go so that we can begin at the designated times and not get behind

Monday of Nutcracker

Rehearsal Schedule



Mini Ballet


Clara's Dream

Junior Ballet


Hot Chocolates

PreSchool Basics 3 Ballet



PreSchool Basics 3 Tap



Petite Ballet



Teen/Senior Ballet

Tuesday of Nutcracker

Rehearsal Schedule



Mini Acroflex
Petite Acroflex
Junior Acroflex
Teen Acroflex


Party Guests

Mini Contemporary
Petite Contemporary
Junior Contemporary
Teen/Senior Contemporary



PreSchool Basics 1 Ballet


Mother Ginger

Main Character


Pas De Duex & Solo

Sugarplum Fairy, Nutcracker, & Clara

Wednesday of Nutcracker

Rehearsal Schedule


Soldiers vs. Mice

Mini Hip Hop
Petite Hip Hop
Junior Hip Hop
Teen Hip Hop
Senior Hip Hop


Citizens of the Land of Sweets

Mini Jazz
Petite Jazz
Junior Jazz
Teen/Senior Jazz


Candy Canes

PreSchool Basics 2 Ballet



PreSchool Basics 2 Tap



Mini Tap
Petite Tap
Junior Tap
Teen Tap
Senior Tap

What do we wear?

Show Fee: $60

Costume Rental: $15

On December 1st you will be charged a $15 costume rental fee for each “A Nutcracker Story” dance your dancer is performing. These pieces will be worn on stage with your dancer’s white leotard and pink tights. We will give out each costume as the dancers need it during the show and have them return all the pieces once they finish that dance. Each costume will be sealed in a baggy with the dancer’s name on it, that way your dancer will get the same costume at dress rehearsal and each show.  Costume pieces will NOT go home with the dancers.  Please make sure they are placed in the tubs backstage when done with each dance.

Dancers should arrive at the auditorium …

Wearing the White Leotard, Pink Tights, Christmas PJ Pants and Nutcracker (Grinch) Shirt; Hair should be in a neat high Bun on the crown of their head and they should be in full stage makeup.

Items to bring from home …

DANCE SHOES and a CLEAR DRINK (Water preferred), and if needed, a snack that is not messy.  You may also want to bring ONE item that can occupy them in the dressing room if they have a lot of down time.

Grinch 2021.JPG

Dress Rehearsal

This. Is. So. Important.

Thursday, December 16th at 6:00pm, Doors Open at 5:00

Be BACKSTAGE for roll call no later than 5:30PM!

This rehearsal is treated exactly like the real show performance and will begin promptly at 6:00pm. The purpose is for dancers to get used to the stage and costume changes, also for backstage crew and helpers to work out any kinks. We use this performance to help make the next day be more streamline. The dress rehearsal will be be more stressful on the adults, but YOU GOT THIS. My goal is to make this as fun and stress free for the dancers as I can. 

All dancers please arrive dressed in white leotard (zips in back) and new pink tights with Christmas pajama pants and green show shirt over the leo.  Hair should be in a neat bun on the crown of the head, with full stage makeup - done before arrival.  I will post a hair and makeup tutorial on Spaces and Youtube.   Be sure to bring all dance shoes!  

We will have a check-in table in the hallway as you enter the backstage area.  At that point you will be given backstage armbands and instructions on where to go.  One female ONLY should go backstage with your dancer.  Please make sure your friends and family are aware that NO other individuals will be permitted backstage.  Not even after the show.  Friends and family should wait for the dancer to come out front to congratulate them and present them with flowers, presents, etc.  PLEASE be courteous of other dancers who may be changing clothes backstage.   This rule is for the safety and well being of all our dancers.  The designated backstage person and dancer will need to wear their armband during the rehearsal and both shows.  Do not remove the armbands until after Saturday’s performance.  Each Preschool dancer will need a designated helper to stay with them backstage in their dressing room.  This helper will need to assist your dancer backstage throughout the entire show (if your dancer cannot take care of herself or class moms haven’t volunteered).   There will be a row of seats in the front reserved for all backstage helpers to watch their dancer from the audience during their performance.  All helpers need to return to the dressing room backstage immediately after the dance they are watching is done.  

All dancers and helpers must be present for the ENTIRE DRESS REHEARSAL and also be present during both shows as they will go exactly as the rehearsal.

Performances of "A Nutcracker Story"

You can purchase videos of “A Nutcracker Story” during Friday’s Show

Performance:  Friday, Dec. 17, 6:30pm; Doors open at 5:00

Be BACKSTAGE for roll call no later than 6:00PM!

SAME INSTRUCTIONS AS DRESS REHEARSAL.  All dancers please arrive dressed in white leotard (zips in back) and new pink tights with Christmas pajama pants and green show shirt over the leo.  Hair should be in a neat bun on the crown of the head, with full stage makeup - done before arrival.  

After the final bow on Friday only, dancers will have a chance to meet Santa and have a photo opp.  This will be done in an orderly fashion and once they have sat in Santa’s lap, dancers will go backstage to meet their designated helper in the dressing room.  Do not take your dancers from the stage area.

Performance:  Saturday, Dec. 18, 1:30pm; doors open at Noon

Be BACKSTAGE for roll call no later than 1:00PM!


Makeup & Hair

For Dress Rehearsal and both Shows at JB Pennington, dancers should ARRIVE in Full Stage Makeup, Hair in a High Bun on the crown of their head, wearing White Leotard and New Pink Tights with Christmas PJ pants and show shirt over the leo.  Don’t forget all dance shoes!

Makeup Supplies

  • Foundation

  • Press-on Eye Shadow (Provided)

  • Loose Glitter (silver)

  • Eyeliner

  • Mascara (lashes optional)

  • Blush or Contour Palette

  • Red Lip Color (the kind that won’t smudge)

Bun Supplies

  • Donut shape bun insert

  • Ponytail Holders

  • Bobby Pins (Regular, U-shape & Spiral)

  • Gel, Hair Net

  • Brush

  • Good Hair Spray (Freeze It)

  • Gel (no fly aways/frizz)


All tickets are GENERAL ADMISSION.

Each account will receive 2 free tickets to each show.  These tickets will be given to you as soon as we have them.  DO NOT include the free tickets in your order.   Additional tickets for friends and family are available for purchase at $8 per ticket.  A child who will sit in your lap the entire show does not need a ticket.   There are 2 show dates to choose from (Friday evening or Saturday afternoon).   Tickets are place at CDA for pickup every Monday.


Videos of "A Nutcracker Story"

In Focus Productions

You can purchase videos of A Nutcracker Story during Friday's Show with In Focus outside the auditorium.

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