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Everything You Need To Know About Our Spring Showcase

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Spring Showcase

CDA’s Spring Showcase is the celebration of a complete season of dance! Typically held in late May or early June, depending on venue availability and student graduations. This show requires a lot of prep before the big day . . .

Staging Sessions - Important for all dancers, especially VITAL for young beginners. Held the week prior to the Show. Dancers will be notified of their specific date and time. All staging will take place at the show venue. Dancers wear their standard class attire for staging days.

Dress Rehearsal - Mandatory for all dancers and will take place the day before the show at the venue. Everyone must wear their costumes, t-shirts hair and makeup just like it is the real show.

Showcase - Your Dancer’s BIG DAY! After the dress rehearsal, everyone will be excited and ready to go!

A packet of information pertaining to all aspects of the Spring Showcase will be handed out to each student several weeks prior to the event.


Group pictures for the Showcase Program will be taken at the studio by a professional photographer on a Saturday (TBD) at no cost to you. At that time, the photographer will offer an individual photo package allowing for multiple poses of your dancer in costume for anyone interested. Be prepared to pay the Photographer directly if you desire an individual package on picture day. Details will be provided in advance.

Showcase Program

CDA produces a Showcase Program with the lineup of dances for the show, along with the group pictures taken on picture day. Program Ads are available for purchase by those who would like to put their dancer’s individual picture and any well wishes in the program. Dancers will receive 1 free program with each ad sold. Programs will also be available for purchase by dancers, family and friends prior to the Show day. Ad forms and details will be provided when pictures are ready to download.

In-Studio Video Interviews

One week of classes (TBD) will be used to film individual dancer interviews in the studio. The best clips of each dancer will be chosen to produce the most entertaining introductions at the Show. Dancers will be coached through their interviews so that they understand what is expected. You may check out past interviews on CDA’s YouTube channel. The interviews are a great learning experience and so much fun! Everyone loves this added touch to our Showcase performance. Exact dates will be announced ahead of time and videos cannot be re-filmed or made up.

Professional Performance DVDs

Both the Nutcracker Performance and Spring Showcase will be recorded by a professional videographer. Parents, grandparents and friends will have the opportunity to order a DVD of the shows directly from the video company. As a courtesy to them, we ask that our guests refrain from videoing the performances. Also, NO FLASH photography during the shows because it is distracting for the dancers.

Costumes & Tights

Parents will be advised of the sizing from open house and given the opportunity to measure dancers and approve the size or make changes if you feel a larger size will be needed for the Spring Showcase. Costumes are ordered in November and handed out during classes prior to picture week. Please label tags with dancer’s initials (also important for shoes and tights). CDA provides garment bags for costumes with info cards to write notes for hairstyle, accessories, etc. as provided by the teacher. Parents will be given these instructions to organize the costume, any accessories and new tights in the bag for safe storage at home until pictures, rehearsal and show days.


Each dance account will receive two tickets at no additional cost for parents to attend the shows. Prior to the performances of both the Nutcracker & Spring Showcase, information and a link will be sent to everyone to be able to order additional tickets for family and friends. Children small enough to sit in a family member’s lap during the entire show will not be required to have a ticket. CDA cannot refund for tickets once purchased. All shows will be general admission for seating.

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