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Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Parent/Student Interaction

At CDA, each dancer may have one (1) person come inside and watch the class. Any additional guests will be asked to wait in the front room of the studio. We appreciate everyone keeping noise to a minimum and try not to interact with your dancer when she/he is on the dance floor. Please do not move the chairs.

Parent/Teacher Interaction

Should you have a question or need information from a teacher, please email or send a message on SPACES and we will respond asap. Classes run back to back from start to end and do not allow teachers any extra time in between to meet with parents.

Thank you so much for your consideration in these matters. We appreciate your support!

Classes Available for Ages 2-18:




BASICS 1, 2, 3 - Ballet, Tap & AcroFlex (Ages 2-5)

*Preschool Classes are a Combination of Styles

Classes Available for Ages 3-18:



EXTRAS - Jazz & Hip Hop (Ages 3-5)

*Preschool Classes are a Combination of Styles

Classes Available for Ages 6-18 (Or by Teacher Placement):


TECHNIQUE (No Showcase Performance)

Classes Available by Teacher Placement ONLY:

PRE-POINTE (No Showcase Performance)


Standard Placement

The Recreational dancer’s progression begins in Basics and ascends through classes according to age level. A student may begin her/his dance progression at any age. Competition dancers do not necessarily follow the age levels and may move up with advanced placement according to skills and specific needs (see below).

Preschool Basics 1 Ages 2-3 Mini Ages 6-8 Preschool Basics 2 Ages 3-4 Petite Ages 9-11 Preschool Basics 3 Ages 4-5 Junior Ages 12-14 Preschool Extras Ages 3-5 Teen Ages 15-18 Senior by Audition

Advanced Placement

We believe proper placement is important for a dancer to get the most out of class. Advanced placement for the recreational dancer may also be possible if it is determined by the teacher that a student has met or exceeded the current age skills level. New dancers with previous competition experience may contact us to discuss proper placement. Please keep in mind, not all students progress at the same pace. Dance is an art form and cannot be rushed. There is a great deal of curriculum in each level and our students must be comfortable, strong, confident and technically correct before moving up.

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