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Please read and discuss with your dancer …

  • #1 Rule our teachers ask for is that nobody talk in the dance studio while the teacher is talking or demonstrating. This includes dancers and spectators.

  • Absolutely NO food or drinks in Studios A&B.

  • Bring dance shoes, etc., in a dance bag and place it in a cubby in the front room, along with any snacks or drinks.

  • Always dress appropriately in required CDA attire.

  • Secure hair in bun or pony tail.

  • Be dressed and ready to start class on time.

  • Take care of bathroom visits before class begins.

  • Wash your hands!

  • Completely SILENCE and stow your cell phone inside your dance bag during class.

  • NO GUM allowed in the studio.

  • Respect the personal space of others both on and off the dance floor.

  • DO NOT talk while the teacher is talking.

  • LISTEN first - then ask only relevant questions.

  • Refrain from correcting other dancers (that is the teacher’s job). Helping and correcting are two different things. We will discuss the difference.

  • Please DO NOT move tables, bar stools, chairs, etc.

  • Throw away trash!

  • THANK YOU for helping us keep the studio (and bathrooms) clean and orderly so that everyone can enjoy their dance experience!

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