Appropriate appearance is a very important aspect of the Performing Arts. CDA’s Dress Code is established to promote the students’ freedom of movement and help teacher observation of correct technique.

HAIR should always be securely pulled back off the face and neck, bun is preferred, pony tail is acceptable. This not only enables the instructor to observe proper alignment of neck and shoulders, but also enhances the dancer’s vision.

*ONLY summer camp has a lenient dress code of tight fitting activewear. Several styles of dance have shoes necessary for the education and experience.

CDA Attire & Shoe Requirements

Level/Style: DANCEWEAR Required:

BASICS & EXTRAS (Ages 2-5) Black CDA Tutu Leotard and Convertible Pink Tights

MINI-SENIOR LEVELS (Ages 6-18) Black CDA Leotard w/Shorts

ELITE (Competition All Ages) CDA Custom Dancewear (Special Ordered)

Level/Style: SHOES Required:

BASICS (Ballet & Tap) Pink Stringless Slippers & Dark Tan Tap Shoes

Ballet (Ages 6-18) Pink Split Sole Ballet Slippers (Boys-Black)

Contemporary (Ages 6-18) Nude Half Sole w/ Traction

Jazz (All Ages)